Just better

I keep rethinking maybe I should stay with Alex, then he does something that makes me hate him. He lies, hides things, steals, cheats, all the same basically because it’s all things you shouldn’t do being married let alone in a relationship. I’m giving up. I contacted a lawyer for a free consultation over phone I call tomorrow morning. It’s going to cost a lot but I guess I’ll have to save up if I want to be divorced. Kind of excited being my maiden name again even though my married name is nice too it just feels like home to me. This is it. It’s really happening. Tomorrow I’m hanging out with a friend, he came down from Vt but he used to live here. I’m excited to hang with him, we are just going to be friends though we already talked about it. But he’s really cute and nice. So it’ll be fun. He’s going to pick me up and I’ll be gone for 4 hours 🙂 I hope time doesn’t go by too fast. Back to the divorce thing, it’s the best option for me. It’s going to suck for my husband but he will have to get over it and realized he lost and it’s game over. Of course hell always be my sons father but nothing more. I don’t even want to consider him an ex husband like I just hate that word I’ll just be like that’s the guy I had Caleb with, we were married before but got divorced. See no ex in that sentence. Goodnight.

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