Help me with a break up?

I hate that this site deleted everything I typed EXCEPT the title.  Let me try to retype it without breaking down…


My boyfriend, Carter thinks we’re going to be together for a long time.  I’ve not been happy though.  We’ve been together for 2 weeks and we still barely know each other.  He said we know all we need to know about each other.  But I don’t think so.  We’ve only gone on one date and that’s really the most I’ve gotten with him.  We didn’t have much time to talk.  We just talked about weird nightmares we still remember having.  That is really all he knows about me.  He knows I am insecure about my body and he knows my name.  I know he likes Poke’mon and I know his name, but that’s about it.  He is always acting goofy over text and he’s not even creative about it anymore.  Literally, it’s always just things like “LOL SEX GOD IS GR8 M8 NO H8 8/8 GET REKT” (I’m not even kidding) and it’s getting reeeeaaaally old.  He doesn’t show much emotion when I’m upset about something and he usually moves on really fast and goes back to being goofy.  I suppose I habe stayed for 2 weeks because he gives me lots of hugs and kisses and told me he’s buying me a Christmas present… eh.  He and I talked one day and he said he always ignores his ex’s.  This only makes me scared.  How do I break up with him?  What of its painfully akward?  What if I hurt him?  What if he hurts me?  I hope I get an answer soon.  It’s 1:16 at night here.  But don’t rush!  Thank you ♡

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