Is he in love with me?

I’m afraid a great friend of mine might be in love with me.

He has given me all the signals. I mean, he’s pretty flirty, it’s in his nature, but with me he has always been too caring, too kind. I’ve actually started noticing it a couple of weeks ago when I broke up with my boyfriend. He seemed kinda happy about it. Of course, in front of me, he would say he was sorry for my break up, but then some friends of me told me they would seem pretty happy about me being dumped by that douchebag.

I don’t know, I really like him as just a friend. He’s just not my type and I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship. So, perhaps I just have to let it go and maybe he’ll get over it. Maybe I should find him a girlfriend, that would solve it all.

Fuck, why is it that all the guys I don’t like, like me? And all the guys I fancy, don’t like me back?! Life’s a bitch. Anyway, at the moment I just wanna be with myself and enjoy my friends’ company, NO DRAMA  and NO serious love affairs.


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