Is love real?

So I have this debate going on in my head. Is love real, or is it just something that people say. I have this to be going on becausei’ve seen so much in my life it’s hard to believe that love is real. Growing up I watched my dad cheat on my mom. I would watch her cry and grieve every time he walked out the door to go be with someone else. Going to come back a few months later saying he was sorry just to do it all over again. It was a never-ending cycle of them. Although my mom had deep feelings for him,I think it shouldn’t be called love because every time I think of love I think of two people. It takes two people to love it takes one to have deep feelings and the two people have the feelings then it’s love. But nowadays guys cheat they lie they have sex with other girls knowing that their girlfriend is at home waiting for a reply to the text message they sent five hours ago. Girls are crying and grieving over guys who don’t even care who are at home playing Xbox laughing having fun with their friends. To be honest I Think love is rare nowadays. And if you have that you should hold on to it. Now I might be completely contradicting myself right now from my past posts but I had a midnight crisis thought about love and I decided to share my feelings and my new opinions on it with you guys. Doubt anyone will read all of this because it’s not as interesting as my last posts. But if you read it this far you should leave a comment about what you think love is in your opinion.always open to new ideas and thoughts and different perspectives on things. So if you have the time or the energy to read all of this is, do it

2 thoughts on “Is love real?”

  1. I think a person is really lucky when love is correspondend

  2. Finally came across the post which almost answers all of my thoughts.. I dont think love is real… And if there is it is very very rare…nowadays people make everything be so vulgar, being in love sucks , cause u might stay broken or fallen apart …boys are with girls only for sex. And they do it without love. I cant ever ever imagine how to have it with someone i dont love or him doesnt love me’s impossible from my perspective.
    For my life i’ve been in life twice. And the last love really made me stop even to think about it anymore. At first everything seemed so romantic like in dreams and films but suddenly everything changed and he left me insane cause i couldnt imagine life without him. Right now. , as almost always i dont regret anything. He was totally different and as i assess him right now he was a bit idiot too if not more…
    I can love one person for the whole life but i lost my faith that someone somewhere ever exists who is like me exactly. Even if i did my best to save our relationship it didnt work i’m empty but happy too.. I only belong to God and myself. I do the things for my future and i will never never exchange anything with any boy ever !! ))):

    Thats what i think )):
    Thanks for your post cause it was interesting ❤️

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