Mentally exhausted

Okay so I saw my psychiatrist today he increased my meds I could it works and today went shopping for my kids and my boyfriend. And today I realized why my boyfriend wants me to do this because he wants me to mentally healthy to handle a relationship. My friend was like I’ll help you and he doesn’t get it that he can’t be here every second of every day I need to be able to cope and handle my illness alone and so my friend is like I’ll move in and help you and I said no don’t you see why my boyfriend wants me to do this. It takes me a little time but I get it. And him and I had a little conversation on trivia crack because he kicks my ass but we weren’t talking anything serious just nice easy conversation made me very happy. Please March get here soon. I miss him I do hope to see him on Christmas but not sure yet…. As soon as my wash is done the kids and I are going to bed. I wish that I could take a mentally vacation. Good night all

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