Relationship issues

So, to start… I found this site by googling “anonymous diary”. Im stressed the fuck out and don’t really feel like involving people that I actually know. So to kind of sum it all up, my boyfriend is a dick. I know our relationship is not going to work but I feel like such a dumbass for assuming that he was “the one”.  Its not like I’m some naive teenager who doesn’t know any better and always assumes every guy she dates will be the one she spends the rest of her life with…I like to think that I have a realistic outlook on relationships and life in general. But this one caught me completely off guard. I hate to say it, but recently he has been acting exactly like my ex before him. He is constantly playing his damn PlayStation. I understand playing for an hour or so here and there but playing for hours on end and EVERY FUCKING DAY is a bit ridiculous. I work 6 days a week…9-10 hours a day and when I get home and see him doing the same thing every fucking day….it pisses me off. He mocks me & acts like a kid throwing a fit every time I try to speak to him like an ADULT about my concerns. I am fed the fuck up. Im tired of new relationships but I wont settle for the same ol bullshit that I’ve dealt with in the past. We have a house together and work for the same company. I have a feeling that this is about to get really chaotic. I cant deal with this. I just hope I have the strength to completely end it before it gets any worse. I think we both know….he will never change.

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  1. Just stay strong and put your foot down and keep your chin up. I know where you are both my ex husband and ex boyfriend before my boyfriend now were the same too. Hang in there

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