If you have read my first blog, you will know that I have been diagnosed with aplastic anemia.  At the beginning of this year when I was told of what I have, I had a lot of friends that stood by me, taken me to appointments, and had been my rock. But now after several months, I hardly hear from anyone, and I don’t unless I contact them first. I understand that I cannot do the things they do right now, but what happened to the overused phrase ‘I’ll always be here for you’?  This is probably the most loneliest time in my life, no one to talk or vent to. I guess my feelings are hurt, I didn’t think at this age I’d feel like this about something so trivial. It just feels like I’m stuck while everyone else is moving on without me. I don’t know if they weren’t real friends to begin with, or if I put too much on them with my condition. I’m not asking for much, just a call or text asking what I’m up to. I didn’t want this illness to define me, but I think that it already has. It’s stolen so much already from my life. I try to stay positive but I’m not sure what else it’s going to take from me. But I guess it is what it is.

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  1. Trust me. I get it. I had a death in the family recently and people have been avoiding me a lot. It’s hard cause im going through some other mental illnesses and a breakup. I really hope you feel better, and maybe you should focus on getting close to one person or two, instead of all your friends?
    Wishing you the best.

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