Everytime the phone rings…Everytime there is a knock on my window… *Expectations*

I don’t know why I keep expecting . Expecting stuff , whether they are big gestures or tiny little things . For example I’ve told my self to not expect a reach out this time , but every night I can’t help but expect a knock on my window .
Expectations are why I get hurt .
Correction: expectations are why everyone gets hurt .
And the window thing ,that I keep waiting for , I just simply blame Awkward for it .
I think I’ve watched too many shows and happy endings kind of movies, that now I just expect those things to happened to me . But they wont . Because this is real life . And in real life the person who’s stuck in the back of your mind is not trying to climb into your window , he’s sleeping because it’s late and he has a busy day tomorrow . He has a life that does not revolve around you .
And all this sucks .
The truth always sucks . Well to be fair , it sucks most of time .
It’s like saying and believing that you’re not expecting a call or a text , and you truly believe that you are really not expecting it . But as soon as your phone rings you know you’re hoping to read a specific name on your phone’s screen . And you wont .
Because , again , this is real life.
And you get disappointed , and disappointment hurts . They most definitely hurt …
But it’s not like we learn from “our disappointment” noooo , of course we don’t , we just agree silently , and secretly , to hurt every time the phone rings and it’s not that person you spend your day convincing yourself how you’re not waiting for his/her call/text .
Expectations , assumptions , presumptions,… It doesn’t matter how you call them , you just have to never forget that they are the root of heartache .

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