First day in my journal life

Dear Journal , 

Hello there Journal . Its the first day and I personally love those fonts that are curly and leans to the side a little . It makes it look like its personally written than those fonts that makes it look like its typed down even though it is . 

Lets start than by talking about my day . How was my day ? Is the first question . Well , it could have been better but it wasn’t that bad . It was just like those days that I just stay in bed and do nothing . Well maybe just a little cleaning here and there but even so it was boring . Usually holidays are when you are free than ever that teens make plans with their social-friends / friends . 

They would have this outing plan and stuff . Well I don’t . I hate holidays though . I have nothing to kill time . When I clean the house . There I check my watch its 10:55am in the morning . *cleaning here and there* . *Checks my watch* . Its only been a few minutes ?! 

People say read a book . It will kill time . I don’t particularly like reading . All it does is bring me to sleep . Sleep does kill time but I don’t want to sleep . Any suggestions that could kill time ? 

I already spent most of my time sleeping and just sitting around . I don’t want to do that . It makes me feel even more tired . Does that makes sense ? Well even so , I have no plans in the holidays but when its school time .. Plans here and there ~ 

Hopeless ~ Planless ~ 

Oh ~ When can my days improve itself ? ~


NH .

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