Hey to myself

Dear Source and Myself,

Thanks for helping me go go go and learning how to let go. Thank you for making it easy by getting caught up in the moment and living. Learning to love the silent of the winter. I went for a walk today to smoke in private and rediscovered some things that i love about my and I am thankful for. I am thankful for the chance to be a truly free person. Free in body, mind and soul.

A part of me still leans on others for support/company/friendship/ and all those other basic human things that a person needs. I do believe that we were not meant to live in the fifth all the time. I know my lessons that I learn from being elevated are substantial and I hope to keep learning from a heart based center.

Remember to always have compassion.

Expectations seem to lead to trouble. Trouble

I wish I could see the situations as they are in the current moment. Yet, even when I am in that moment it seems there are still layers of what that moment meant. Things to uncover. Things to embrace. Embracing the cold logic of reality and letting go of the fantasy. The could have would have should have been and focus on what needs to happen now.

This isn’t everything that I wanted to write. Those stories I reenact in my head. They will live on inside of me.



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