im thankful for

Im thankful for the little things in life! Such as a moment spent laughin with my family,a handmade gift from nephews,a hug from my hubby,when im feelin sad,and for when someone says somethin kind to me. Sometimes the little things, turn out to be, the biggest things in our life! Please tell the people u love that u love them…..never put it off…you may not get another chance to do it! I am telling you this because my older sister passed away last year,the day after Christmas,she left behind 2 teenage sons,and a daughter in her early 20’s.We will be celebrating our 1st Christmas without her this year.So go ahead, call the people u love, and tell em,that u love em! Merry Christmas to u all!

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  1. Hi Georgia Peach – I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost a sister in 2015. 46 years old. She left 5 children – 20 years old to 10 years old. Her physical presence is missed every hour of everyday. Those of us left behind are slowing adapting to the new reality of life without her. Our love for one another has deepened. And I feel her spiritual presence all around me all the time. I think about her and a warmth comes over me.

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