About this year

well, it’s already midnight and that means that I’m going to listen to music and think about my life. Actually I’m gonna write about this year, because I really need to get somethings out of my head.

This year has been a nice year for me, and a not so nice year for my family which means that this was not a nice year  for me too.

I think the best thing that happened to me this year was that the guy that I really like started talking to me and we made out sometimes… But I guess he doesn’t have the same feeling as he did last week, I mean this is what I think because I’m traveling tomorrow and he didn’t ask me to go out with him as he did some weeks ago, but at least he told me that we could spend the New Year’s Eve together…. Btw I asked him and he told me that he was fine, that I haven’t done anything wrong, maybe I’m overthinking but I really like him and I want things to work fine between us.

im afraid of the future, I’m really afraid… Next year is my senior year, which means that I have to study harder to get into a public college (the best colleges here are public which means that I have to study harder Than harder)…. I’m afraid of being sad, I’m afraid of being alone again, I’m afraid of my family, I’m afraid of everything and this scares me.

I was really happy because of this boy but now he didn’t text me today and  I don know what it means. I just need to be happy and this year was a really difficult year for me. Things need to get better.

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