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I’ve been growing aware of it since I’ve settled into the south and my new house. I never dreamed something so petty would irk me so much… but I’m skinny with a gut.

Not working and consuming way too much junk food is really taking its toll on my body.  So now that I’ve identified the problem, I can either correct it or start buying bigger pants. To be honest, I don’t want to accept this as the new me.

New Years seems like a good time to lay down a resolution. After January 1st, I think it’s time to say good bye to soda and the rest of junk food I so love. I’d also like to work out a bit more.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon…”

  1. Eating junk food may be bad for you, but cutting off might be impossible. If you could reduce the amount of it you eat to like a portion or serving, have only 3 meals a day, and drink water before any meal, you’ll stay small (maybe). Also, produce like cabbage, broccoli, organic lettuce and celery might keep you living long and healthy).

  2. Thanks for the tips. I agree it’s hard to cut it out 100%
    but lately there is zero balance to my diet and way too many empty calories.

    Before I moved out of state, I always ate on the “lean” side of things (ei. whole wheat bread and pasta as opposed to grains made with “enriched” / bleached white flour). I love simple meals like meat + a side of veggies. Usually I didn’t indulge much in the way of empty calorie foods or carbs… I think it’s the carbs that have really started taking a toll on my body.

    So seemingly my plan is simple: less junk food, no soda (I drink way too much of it), drink more water, and I’m planning on jogging every morning before I start my day. Even if I don’t follow through 7 days a week, I think I’ll see and FEEL a difference.

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