Family is most important

Jamie and me both over analyze everything. It seems almost daily we discuss what makes our marriage work and what hurts it. You hear your entire life “communication is key”, but you really never know how true that statement is until you put it to the test. Above everything I feel so incredibly blessed to have a spouse that is constantly trying to better himself, me, and our family. Everything he does he does with the best intentions for our family. We may not agree on a lot of things.. Actually we probably disagree more than agree- but that’s ok.

This Christmas I went overboard with buying gifts, which it pretty typical of me. In the beginning of the season I swear I’m not buying anymore crap, but I end up getting caught up in the joy of giving. But as I sit here and really think about Christmas and what it means to me, I once again, feel I’ve overshadowed what’s really important.

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