How my summer has been so far

This week must be the second week of vacations, and summer starts tomorrow here in Brazil (but it’s already too hot) and what I have done the most was going out with my friends, and staying with my brother.

My friends and I went to the cinema, to the shopping mall, we hang out, we had sleepovers, we spent nights out talking, laughing, eating, and enjoying each other’s  company…. But now almost all of them have gone travel because of Christmas…

Since my brother is back in town for vacations, we have been doing a lot of things together. We go walking and running almost everyday, we go to the pool together, last Friday we went to a super nice food truck festival, and we watch movies late at night, and I love his company. He is my only brother and he is the best (he’s older than me).

There is also a boy but idk our status of relationship, we are just talking and hooking up, but I really got feelings for him, but he is so confusing, one day he is the sweetest guy on earth and in the another he is like “whatever” but I really want that he likes me the way that I like him. Btw he is going to spend the New Year’s Eve at the same beach as I spent last year. And if I’d go again we would spend it together, how perfect would it be? 😍 but I’m probably not going this year.

Tomorrow I’m going to my hometown because I’m going to send Christmas with my family, so I hope I have a great time with my family and some old friends ❤️ 

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