Ignorance is my new Bestfriend

Christmas Day is so near. I can feel the essence of it, but not the weather. The temperature is too hot – just like summer. Also, my cousin’s 18th birthday is getting near too. I still don’t have a dress to wear but I’m gonna buy some other time. You see, in this world, people want something attractive. I mean, who would buy ugly things?

Now this is the part I hate the most: feeling ignored for not being a pretty human being on my cousin’s party. I can’t blame these kind of people, because just like what I said, who would want ugly things? I can imagine the day of the party – walking with my pretty cousins and sister, formally introducing ourselves to our relatives, with a smile on our faces with our big bright eyes. Then the relatives would compliment how we look good and all, but not me. Because I know their eyes would not meet mine, so it means being left out among my cousins and sister for not having a pretty face. And I know how I would feel – hurt. People think being rejected is more painful, then, they all thought wrong because being ignored is the worse. I always say sorry to myself for why I look different among my brother and sister. I once pinched my face and pulled my hair so tight because I was frustrated with how I look. I don’t hate them because of their judgements, I hate them because they’re ignoring people like me.

So I’m really searching for a beautiful dress to wear on the party to fit in, in case my imagination will happen. Lol. It’s just sad that I need to fit in even if I wanted to be special. The lesson here is: to not judge the book by its cover because the content is more beautiful than any other attractive things we see.

One thought on “Ignorance is my new Bestfriend”

  1. feel beautiful and whatever you wear, you will look beautiful and confident.
    easier said than done. i know. but this is the one thing i have learnt for myself and it works. took me years to master it.

    wishing you a merry christmas, and a blessed and joyful 2016.

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