I’m Building Again

I prayed for qualities in a woman that I wanted. God answered with a woman who embodies characteristics I wasn’t even mature enough to know that’s what I should’ve been asking for. He exceeded my expectations with a woman who is leading me on a journey to self-discovery. She’s definitely out of my league and that alone has enabled me to grow. We’re alike and we’re different. I told her we’re similar in the ways that really matter. For instance, I’m stubborn and I hold grudges. She surrenders and forgives without apologies just because the person she’s having the disagreement with is more important than ego. She’s teaching me delicacy and the art of appreciation. I appreciate her for that and I pray God will allow me express exactly how much accurately to her. One way we’re the same is our background. We both had a rough childhood so we understand each other in that aspect of our relationship. Not to devalue any of my past relationships because they have taught me a lot like how to love the one I’ve got even harder, but I’m assured this time that I’ve fallen in love with a genuine soul and not just the idea of a person. I was afraid of how close we were getting in the beginning because I know how much love can hurt and it’s definitely not something I want to experience ever again. I was told that what you might spend years building can be destroyed overnight but keep building anyway so I’m building…again.

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