this is another one of my golf revelations.

i think in my life golf and jogging should get married. i have come to the conclusion that these two sports are interlocked in my life.

i began practicing my golf without pressure since November and i finally understood the importance of tempo. took me more than 10 classes but hey i finally arrived at this point. it affects my swing more than the turn or the wrist hinge. with my instructor’s reminder to swing “slow and smooth”, i slowly began to feel the relatively more correct tempo in my swing. and i pay more attention to it every time i go to the driving range. i see subtle progress; i can correct myself quicker when the golf ball crashes into the grass (90% tempo’s the culprit), it’s easier to set the ball flying now.

so here comes december and i am enjoying my end of term school holiday. have to jog as usual but it takes more effort to run comfortably because i am not moving as much as when there’s school. once during my jog i suddenly realised that i need to get the correct jogging tempo in order for me to jog comfortably- “slow and smooth”. i didnt know i need to have (or rather, i have had all along) a jogging tempo till december. and i have been jogging for 6 years. wow i have been a pre-diabetic for 6 years.

ok, focus.

so i jogged and during the jog i had to find my tempo. i was mindful of my limbs and speed and after 10 minutes or so im jogging comfortably.

so here’s my thought: if i can find a tempo for jogging, surely i can find a tempo for my golf swing. i start by swinging “slow and smooth”. it’s a huge confidence booster coz im interested in this sport but not being naturally talented in coordination has made golf a lot harder than i thought (and its not something that you can improve on automatically with practice. you need to have the correct posture and everything before you improve with practice).

thus the next trip to the driving range? even more mindfulness towards my swing. and stay calm. golf has done me one good since i learnt it seriously in september: i can switch to zen mode pretty quickly nowadays. cant swing a golf ball if im irritated so i often have to make myself chill to zen mode as soon as i reach the driving range.

should i resume class in January? i want to learn how to swing my driver but husband said no one learnt specifically the driver swing. they all learn how to swing with a 7 iron and figure out the 3 wood and driver themselves.

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