Time to let go…

After almost 18 years of raising one of my children, I find out that my step-dad is driving up to take him away.  They purposely waited for this day and have brain washed him for so many years.  Saturday, December 26th marks his 18th birthday and they have him convinced, I as his mother have no legal authority at this point.  I have begun the separation mentally within my heart and soul.  Will it ever be 100%?  I have no clue.  All I know is these individuals that claim to be human are not.  These are two individuals who brought a child molester into their home when I was five and my sister four and a baby brother at the time.  In due time I was molested repeatedly until the fateful day that they walked in on the action.  They never called the police and he disappeared.  This was my uncle, my birth mother’s brother.  He is free today and lives a normal life while I struggle and have no idea how to let go.  A counselor is not the answer.  I refuse to speak to someone who is getting paid to hear me talk.

Now another concern has arisen.  My birth mother’s oldest brother was just released from prison after thirty years for rape and molesting girls under the age of fourteen.  One of which was his daughter.  My birth mother always stated if he was ever released she would take him in and pretty much demanded it.  So now not only are they taking my troubled soon-to-be eighteen year son but possibly this other uncle.  

My life right about now is a question?

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