Merry Xmuss…


When I heard my mother telling a friend that she knew one of us(either my dad or I) was stealing Christmas decorations and selling them on EBay, I was done. Of course, there’s a certain degree of interaction you have to give any, but, amid someone I had hope for, she’s indeed gone, mentally.


The one thing I did n’t want to happen in regards to the latest envy swipe via another flame that got too close, happened. It was a combined effort of her counterpart’s and my mother’s inadequacies. I won’ t give it anymore coverage than it deserves, but let’s just say, they moved versus what I detail daily over again and again (as much I can with being to get adequate amounts of sleep & rest of mind, which I rarely if ever get).

That neighbor of mine, who is somewhere over 50 has been playing twat games for years. Truth be told, it’s astonishing that someone with aged Herpes cat would assume that I wanted ‘it’. I guess disillusion really is a muthafucker. Don’t read me wrong. There are some beautiful women amid the 50 range, just not any around me long enough to lure me into an escapade. But, she’s gotta think, at at least one moment amid all these years, that amid the cars, admiration, taking care of myself, and just being, that I can do better than her. I have been reading such amid affirmations for years, and it still has n’t surfaced.

The affirmations for women have got to go. The issue for me is that amid reading them, I’m not truly getting the results I want. When I stop reading them, I get ones like the neighbor, moving in some gangsta wanna be who’s gaming on 60 something year old women. Do you see the dilemma? It’s fucked up, kinda like this huge razor bump under my left armpit. I swear, I’ve never seen one this big. It hurts like hell. Just like my reality…😁
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