As harry entered the house, he stumbled a little caused by a few holes on the floor. Putting his groceries away,Harry sat on his wooden chair in the living room,staring blankly on the hazy sky.The sky was really cloudy and have been rumbling for a few times.His body feels very exhausted and his head was scorching after walking for 5km to the grocery shop.Maybe it was too much for him.Harry slowly closed his eyes.A few minutes later,the world that once filled with light suddenly was pitch-black.



Hurghhh.How long does she intends to make me wait here? Its already 10pm.”

It was a cold night,the wind was breezy and it was making all Harry’s fingertips froze. He was suppose to meet his girlfriend that he knew from the internet.It was his first love,Thus,meeting her was very nervewrecking.His heartbeat was 10 times faster whenever he imagined his first date.Drinking his coffee which has been bought from the vending machine.He waits patiently for the girl.One would reached his boiling point if been asked to wait for someone for hours.One also could have gone lunatic if this happened to them but not to Harry who was lovestruck. In the end,the girl didn’t come at all.Not a single word  from the girl.

The bitter memories brought Harry back to reality.His heart ached whenever he remembered it..It was really a painful and heartbreaking memory.

“That dream again?Hurghh.

The next morning,Harry walked to school,he was yawning along the way even though he slept longer than his usual sleep.


Harry looked to the source of the voice and saw Mellisa dashing toward him.entirely unconcerned about her disheveled skirt and tousled hair.

“Wha-what do you want?”

“Thank goodness,could you buy me a meat bun?”

Harry let out a sigh

Luckily he managed to get the meat buns for him and Mellisa after  huddling with the crowds.The canteen was as packed as sardines in a tin can.The bun was finger-licking good.One would consumed with rage if its finished which explained the taste of the meat buns.Simple but simply delicious.


Harry unintentionally fell for no reason.The floor wasn’t wet nor slippery.Harry  chucked his head.His face was red.Can’t tell if he was in pain or felt ashamed .

“Hey,are you okay?”

Harry who was still sitting in the middle of the school hallway,gazed up.It was an unexpected scenery.A few strands of hair lining down in front of his face. It was Katya.Katya Lischina. She was the school’s goddess.The girl whose beauty shines everywhere she sets foot. She has stunning puppy  brown eyes and long shiny, black hair. Her lips are like a tasteful apple waiting to be bitten. Her soft milky white  skin makes him compare her with an angel.She is a complete lady in the extended sense of the word.Reaching her hair down,she offered for help.

“You eat quite a lot for a small guy”.

Getting blushed,Harry accept happily  the assistance from Katya.They chattered happily along the way until Harry reached his classroom.The situation that one barely get,everyone would be green with envy if they knew about this.The girl who was longing to everyone,walking side by side by him.

“Katya Lischina..”

With a smirk on his face,grinning happily.Thinking of her,Harry realized its time to find his new love. Katya Liischina revitalizes his desire to love again, so Harry sets off after her.



“Thank you sir.”

There’re crowds of students were breaking the silence.Thousand of footsteps can be heard loudly through the hallway.The hallway was deafening.The school session has ended

‘Eh,you’re the person from this morning right?

“How inconvenient to meet you here..What are you doing here? In the library.

Harry saw Katya dashing to the library on his way back home,but the urge of meeting her was overwhelming.Thus,he was wandering around through the room filled with millions of books.Pretending to stumble across her unintentionally.

‘Errrr,I just happened to borrow a book’

With a grin of his face,he was flustered.Harry gathered all the courage he can get,and introduced himself properly to her his although he kept slipping his tongue. Seeing him,Katya chuckled a little.

Although it was a short and memorable experience for Harry.


Day after day has passed.Six months has passed since the day of their 1stmeeting.The bond between them has grown stronger each day.The memories they craved together in little amount of time was irreplaceable.The feelings of love accumulated inside of Harry.

“I cant hold up this feeling anymore! Its killing me inside.What if she refuses to accept my confession?

Harry seems to be on the edge,his feet began to walk aimlessly.

The vein started to show on his head showing how hard he’s been thinking.It was a really important decision after all.

“Hey,could you meet me at Jongos Park tomorrow at 8 o’clock .I have something important to talk to you about.


Harry was on the edge,his face was petrified.He kept flipping his phone checking if there was a message.Half an hour has passed since he delivered the message.Now,he was hesitant whether he make a right decision.Sweat was dropping from his head.

‘Pulu pulu pulu pulu pulu kachakk’..An incoming message.

Harry’s  heart beat faster than usual.His hand was trembling with fear.His eyes were wide open as he opened the message read through them.

“Sure.Why not?”


As promised,Harry waited for Katya at the park.It was a chilly night.Harry still felt the cold although he wore 3 layers of shirts.The atmosphere brought him back to the past.

‘Dejavu huh..

Even if wounds are healed,it definitely leave a scar or marks on the skin.

If he had to undergo the same incident again.He may give up to love again.



A hand was waving toward him,The face who’s Harry been waiting for,finally showed up.His heart was thumping really fast.Faster than a bullet piercing through its target.It was Katya.She was at another side of the road.Katya wore a long white jacket resembled an angel.



Blood was splattered every nook and cranny all over the street. His eyes were wide open after witnessed it.His heartbeat almost stopped.

Katya was lying on the street.Her face really pale.The car which encroached her was nowhere to be seen.Harry ran quickly toward Katya.

“HEY! Don’t you dare to die now! Please.. .

Her hand was barely moving.Eventhough she was in pain but the smile painted on her face never wore off.Katya was lying on Harry’s lap.Harry  grasped his fist and punched the floor as hard as he can showing his anger.A few droplets of liquid dropped on Katya’s face.

“Don’t cry Harry.Your face looks really horrible when you cry,lets enjoy the time we have left.Shall we.

“Idiot!Don’t you dare close your eyes.I kill you.The ambulance will come soon so please hang on.Im begging you’

Harry’s tears came down like razor blades.He was shedding tears.Yet Katya was still smiling.

“Didn’t expect to see you off this early,haha.”

Katya who was struggling between life and death had lost her consciousness .




A hand was holding his shoulder startled and awaken him from his slumber sleep.It was a man with a pair of glasses wearing a white coat.

“Katya was still alive..”

“Thank goodness”



“She received quite a shock on her head ..

Harry was petrified as the doctor continued his sentences.

Her body was partly paralysed”

Which means?”

She will never able to walk again or even move her hands .”

Can I see her now?


Harry ran as fast as he could to the ward

‘Katya Lischina’

The name was written on a board hanging on the bed.

Katya was still sleeping,Harry who was panting,sat beside her.
Slowly,Katya started to regain her conciousness.

“Erghh,I can’t move my hand.”

No matter how hard she tried,her hand was barely moving.Its doesn’t even move an inch.She realized it was futile. Harry who was beside her just sitting there silently .His eyes get teary again as he explained the situation to Katya.

Her white teeth was showing. By the fact she was still smiling after hearing the catastrophe befall on her. But her eyes looks like a damp that barely holding a large amount of water

Watching her was really painful even though the one who went through all the suffering was her. Suddenly, Katya felt something warmth through her body as Harry embraced her.

“Katya,I really love you.This is what I supposed to say to you on that night”

Harry doesn’t know if this really a right decision to do this.

“Im sorry Harry,but I can’t accept your feelings.”

“Why?” Asked Harry

“I’m paralysed.I will only a burden if Im with you.I cant barely stand nor walk.”

Hearing those words,His body pressed forward to Katya which leave no gap between them.He utter softly to Katya’s ear.

“I’ll marry you.No matter what happens to you. I’ll marry you.No matter what kind of sickness you have.Even if you can’t walk or stand or even can’t have kids. I’ll still marry you. I’ll always be by your side.The you that from the past or the present isn’t matter anymore. It’s still you. No matter how or where I meet you, I’ll still fall in love with you .If I can meet you again, against 6 billion to 1 odds and even if your body can’t move. I’ll  marry you”.

Harry’s speech caused Katya heart to ache and she felt the urge to cry too as she continued to stare at him.


(I really like..)

Her intercrossed fingers felt the increased strength from Harry.Her heart was racing so fast she was panting.Their stares were too fixated,even the eyes were burning

Harry also the same.
Upon seeing the similar hesitant look Harry showed,Katya felt really delighted and his passionate stare caused her to feel emotionally uplifted from the sweetness

They were both the same.They were crazily in love with each other.

Katya lifted her head up with a blissful feeling,raised her lips and stared at those eyes with a loving expression.

The tightly clasped hands were held tightly.

Katya’s fingers were numb to a point where she could not feel anything.

Their lips overlapped stiffly

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