And so I go,
I rise above confinement
and challenge the unfamiliar,
guided by the courage of the Wild Women before me.
YOU do not scare me,
YOU can not stop me,
I trust in myself
and I know the best course
through the thickets of my life.
So I challenge the unknown
with curiosity and pride
         I’ve got THIS!
With confidence in my stride-
I achieve,
I am unstoppable.

But darkness encroaches,
emerging with a force I can not fight,
my body assumes a well versed stance;
         shoulders slumped,
         head slung,
         eyes wide.
There is nothing more I can do here,
so I hide.
I withdraw in to ‘comfort’
and hold myself there,
for now I am safe
consumed in my fear.
This shelter of armor-
you cannot get inside,
you cannot understand these demons I abide,
But I will give you my power, 
my courage and pride,
as I slowly grow weaker
behind ‘me’ that I hide,
And wait,
And search
for my strength in you.
My praise of you isn’t steadfast,
         I know.
The victim doesn’t linger,
the fear never lasts.

The smoldering remnants of me grow hotter,
longing for structure.
It spreads through me.
Until my soul is consumed
and again,
I am unstoppable.
I challenge myself to take on the world;
Courage is my staff, 
my soul- a shield.
No boundaries,
NOTHING is off limits;
I am Joan of Arc
I am the Wild West
I am strong!

Until I am not,
and ebb in to seclusion
where I cache my frailty,


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