I loved the gift my best friend got me for Christmas yesterday. It’s a plushy Totoro, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time (I’ve never told her that–she just knows that I like Totoro). I felt kind of embarrassed that someone else actually spent money on me–like, I sent her gifts, but it just feels weird to receive a present from someone else. Or is that just me?

But anyway. I mean, on Christmas Eve this boy in my class sent the girl behind me a gift with a note inside saying “I love you”. I wasn’t surprised, since I’d already known that he liked her, but anyway, the girl refused and had my best friend give the gift back to him (since my best friend is pretty tight with both the dude AND the girl). My best friend was kind of upset, because she felt like both the guy and the girl kind of blamed her for different things, but I told her not to worry about anything because the guy was obviously going to be upset over getting turned down and the girl was obvs going to be upset over the fact that someone she didn’t really like liked her, and it wasn’t my friend’s fault that she’s friends with both of them and had to act as a messenger. All in all, I think it was both amusing and slightly sad. Not feeling sad for the dude–I think it’s sad because we should be thinking of more important things, like school and our upcoming finals, and not boy/girlfriends and stuff.

Yeah. Just wanted to write something. I actually did write already today–a dream that I had that involved clownfaces and wolves and snow and guilt and weird stuff. I have the strangest dreams, and I write them all down.

Anyway. Happy late Christmas, everyone. I hope you enjoyed the holidays–and are ready for 2016.


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