No healing this wound…..

You looked forward to today (12/26/2015) for at least 16 years.  The day has come and now YOU will never forget it.  This is your doings and your fault.  You had me without a father because you, yourself was lost and became an Air Force Base whore.  You than brought your brother into your home knowing he was molesting your sister.  You didn’t think about your own two daughter’s ages five and four at the time.  You left me to be molested repeatedly.  Once you walked in on him molesting me, you did nothing, typical you.  Once I was ten years old that was a good time to tell me Jack wasn’t my real dad and later that same year my flash backs of being molested nonstop by your brother were flooding my vision and thoughts.  You confirmed I wasn’t crazy and it was all true.  Your response, throw me in counseling.  All the while you allowed us kids to be beat beyond a spanking throughout my entire childhood till I was seventeen years old.  Just because you allowed Jack to beat and hit on you was no reason for us to experience the same.

You’re unforgivable!

You’re a disgrace to woman and mothers!

You’re in no way of deserving my children as your grand children!

You’re an embarrassment to call “Mother”!

Abortions were legal; you could have saved me so much heart ache and pain!

2 thoughts on “No healing this wound…..”

  1. If I were you, I’d share my story with select others. You detailed some horrific details that have likely had an effect on who you are as a person. The right person can share insight with you to help you heal beyond your tragedies. You truly need healing from what’s seemingly happened to you.

    No one deserves abuse. Loads of people have children without having the wisdom to raise them aptly. Still even the smartest parents make mistakes.

    Most importantly, try not to take life too personal. I used to think that it should be easy, but my experiences say otherwise.

    Be happy that you’re still alive and able to live beyond the dark you’ve experienced. You sharing your story made me feel more comforted about my own.

    Have a Great New Year!!! 🙂

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