Today, I will venture back into the abyss of all I do in relation to succeeding on a daily basis, as it relates to physicality. In other words, I’m going back to the gym. It’s been a dark place littered with light. Every gym I’ve been member of it’s typically gone that way. The guys there that are truly there for the women, don’t like me because of way with women (which is really born out of admiration for them mixed with knowledge of myself). 

Let’s put it bluntly, I’m not where I want to be in various areas of my life (i.e. relationships, career, finances, etc.), yet I spend a large percentage of my days reading affirmations that design my success in those areas. 

I feel like there has been devout attack on my being by someone or something mystical or spiritual, that does n’t seek my success. Like, the boil under my arm that’s now going down. Such is the story of my life. In order for me to do anything remotely worthwhile, there’s some devout negativity to slash it. 

I feel so departed from any type of romantic relationship except for the ones I make believe in my mind. Which makes sense because such typically revolve around finances, extensive stability, and basically, what you’re giving the other. Though, I know I have a lot to offer; the game of life is not allows me to. Such also does n’t see me worthy of the type that I feel like I’m capable of intertwining with. 

I really think there’s too much thought into it, but such propels it to be that way. 

I have been deleting more of my affirmations. The ones involving the unreturned romances are going first…



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