Decision that wont ever change !!!!!!!!!!

Well as I decided to use up this winter holidays and study all the things i’ve planned i need some things to be forbidden and firstly it will be youtube !! I’m really mad of music and when it plays i just forget about everything and feel like there is only music in this world and nothing more.. I can sing , so very often i try some songs by myself and all of this takes too much time …. And when i’m back to my work after all i still sing the lyrics in my mind or just melody doesnt come out of my mind … Thats beautiful when u dont have anything to do but terrible when you are preparing for very difficult exams and you have an ambition to get in top 100…

So i post it here to swear i won’t ever , not even once, i wont open the window of youtube anymore and also i wont let myself log in facebook until i have done all of my work!!!

Do you understand ??? ……

From now on you aren’t able to listen to the music had much till now…You must realise that you need extra hard work for achieving your goal !!!!!

I don’t want you to regret then so listen to me and my advices ….

that’s all my inner voice says… I should really take it into account )):

i will really miss my fav site but i prefer good results to it…so i should give it in exchange and i’m ready !! 

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