Finding the woman I was

 Good evening, this is my first journal in a long time. I gave up writing for the simple fact I forgot, or was to busy to sit down and construct thoughts. I feel like its a great time to start. The changes I am making in my life, I want to look back at this moment and say “this is where I started”.

  Being a full time mom I have been used to. I have been doing it for 6 years. My life is not as important as the little man I am raising. Alot of my hopes and dreams got put on hold. Now that he is 6, I am also a full time student. Now while he is learning to be the smartest kid ever, mommy is learning to give him everything he needs in the near future. What I didnt expect is how much of a toll it would take on my psych. I am constantly trying to cook, clean, get him to school and back, my homework, his homework,  quizzes and exams, whew. I knew it would be hard but sometimes I get overwhelmed.  Add in that my relationship is as rocky as a boat in a hurricane and thats my current situation. 

  I love my boyfriend.  He was my fiance but we called that off. Lately he works to often, and we barely get to see each other because were both so busy and I start to feel neglected.  He is a great guy but we are both at fault for hurting each other.  Right now with everything going on,  I decided to find the woman I lost a while back.  She was funny,  smart,  strong and held her own. The woman now is a mess, emotional and unprepared for anything that comes at her. 

This journey I am about to go on is scary. I have no idea what the outcome will be.  I just know she needs to be found before everything is lost and the walls currently holding up her sanity come crashing down. 

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