I need your help

Hello there. This goes to whoever is reading this. I really need your help.

So, there this guy I have a crush on, and he’s my cousin’s friend. And that’s okay (pretty much). He hates my other cousin so he won’t be here if he’s here.

The main problem is that I only have 6 days left in this city and I really wanna build something up with this guy, like a relationship or something. And I’m going mad. Like, for real.


On New Year’s Eve, my other cousin wants to come over here. But, by doing that, my crush won’t come and my chances to build something up with him will totally fade away since I wouldn’t have enough time with him.

He’s pretty busy too, and this whole situation is consuming me.


What do I want at this point? Finally, I came at the conclusion that I want something with this guy.

When do I want it? Now.

What the hell do I do about this whole situation with him and my other cousin? I have no idea.


Please help.

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