Jake and Andy

Some people are “cat” people.  Some people are “dog” people. There are even people who aren’t big on pets altogether or maybe they are content with some colorful fish. Different strokes for different folks.

Me, I’ve always been a dog person. Its how I was brought up (not too mention my mum is terribly allergic to cats so they were never a real option). I grew up close in age to the family dog so much so that he was more like a sibling than pet. Losing him was like losing a brother. Hands down he was the most loyal and intelligent animal I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

Dogs require a lot of money, time, attention, and space. I miss not having a dog, but my situation doesn’t seem fair to thrust a dog into. In my house, we have cats.

Jake and Andy, my idiotic kittens are a serious dose of cuteness and therapy. I love their independent streaks. Originally I planned to take just one of them in, but something about the way they are instantly made me realize I couldn’t separate them. They are best friends as well as brothers.

Andy was the mama’s boy of the liter. He could easily be a fat cat. He loves to fetch his toy mouse, kinda like a dog. He’s fiercely protective over his food and his little brother. The markings on his face give his expression a comical quality.  We call it derpy. 

Jake was the runt. His streamline shape and graceful movements remind me of a tiger on the hunt. He’s vocal and loves the sound of his own voice. Sometimes he sounds like a pigeon. He loves to rub his head against mine. 

2 thoughts on “Jake and Andy”

  1. If I had what I considered “essential” to being a responsible dog owner… I don’t think I’d get another one.

    There’s this funny saying: Dogs have master’s, cat’s have staff / servants / slaves. .. it seems to be true!

    Andy manages to bust into my room every morning at 3 am. I should be annoyed by it. I’m not. Hearing his scratches at the door and knowing no matter how good I shut it and lock it he will bust in – I think it’s hilarious. If ever a day comes where my derpy kitty doesn’t wake me up, it’ll crush me.

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