Jennifer’s Labor and Birthing Story

Early on in my pregnancy I saw the birthing support bracelet and hoped that it would find its way to me. With 7 weeks Til my due date, December 24, Diana posted it for Draw and it found its temporary home with me. I put it on as soon as I got it! At 39 weeks exactly, our day had come. Me and baby started our big day a week early! 9 hours of labor – tough and exhausting! I cried from the emotions and exhaustion. The bracelet definitely helped me be in tune with my body. I called the nurse to tell her it was time. Labor had been slow to progress so she doubted me. Sure enough, I was right. It was time. She asked if I had energy and strength to push! To meet my little boy of course I did! In 4 pushes he was here. I had done it! Tears of joy started as soon as I heard his First cry. I know that the love and support from the other mommas helped me on my sons birth day. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to wear it. I hope it brings the next momma as much help as it did me.

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