idek what to write down here. Idek why I came in the first place. Maybe for a nice vent. But now it’s hollow. The anger has got converted into sadness and I am sulked. I write great when I am angry. It all comes with flow. This is just a bad day. Not a bad life. Two spats with mom in 5 hours and a boyfriend who’s down about something too. So we both decided to not talk for a while since we both are “sulked”. So I sat there watching superwoman (she’s kickass) , colleen ballinger, and some American girl’s videos.  I watched morning routines when my own life and routine are messed up. I sit on my bad all day in this cheap brown sweater  (yeah but it’s quite warm and cozy and oversized) and uncombed hair and unwashed face because it’s winter and eff cold. Laptop and mobile are my friends. Obviously. That’s why I could type this shit out. My life has suddenly started revolving around this bed. I literally be on it for almost 20 hours in the whole day. I don’t do anything productive or something that I love. This is not my life. I’ll have to change it. This is not who I am. My life can’t be just about a bed , couple gadgets and a boyfriend. I am gonna do something about it once I am done with my final exam. 

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