Quirky beliefs

I am a believer and user of pscionics. In other words I am psychic to an extent. My strongest talent is as an empath.  In other words, I connect and physically feel the emotions of people around me and people who I am strongly connected too.

I can see auras, not strongly though. I wasn’t always able to see them. This “trick” or talent came as I learned how to pull the energy force from others to me. In a way, this is a form of physic vampirism… and while some may feel there is no such thing, let me just say it’s real. One would be wise to take caution when dealing with such a person. Your energy field is their food.

I effect the dreams of others. These dreams feel entirely real to the dreamer. Sometimes I think it was a manner of energy feeding, other times I realize it has a far deeper meaning: my inner soul shed bare longing to connect.

I’ve predicted the future. Not when I wanted to, not when it counts. I’ve never prevented a tragedy and I’ve never won the lottery.  Precognition isn’t something that I can call on at will, but it has happened.

I can communicate with others like me from a distance within my mind. Its thrilling to actually call or talk to these people later and see that they did in fact,  share this experience.

I’m not much of a medium. I can NOT talk to ghosts / spirits and RARELY do I see them. I can however feel their energy and I can feel their emotions… it’s a very overwhelming experience. 

There is no place for me in the bible. By my very nature (creative,  independent, seeking truth)  I admit, I follow a left hand path. God has no place for me. I do not dwell on it.

My soul is immortal. I have lived, died, and been reborn many many times. I am a flawed, simple human – the same as you. At one time life time and life times ago I was Inanna… which may have been something then, is now utterly insignificant.  I live each day in the hope to be great again. After all, its not about the lives I have lived, it is about the here and now.

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