This is a test

Ever write a whole big blog straight from your heart, word it ever so carefully, post it to publish it, then see it disappear?

I just had that moment… urgh… I will re-write it, but not tonight. I’m too frustrated.  So… I’ll give goddess advice instead. 

When you rage, find your calm. Do not act until you are calm.

When impatient, learn how to bide time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Time can withstand,  impatience can not.

Ignore what hurts us. Live without. We teach small children this. Imagine the consequences  if we took our own advice.

Live each day to please ourselves,  it is the meaning of life. 

Seek the elements. It is within Earth, wind, water, and air that we find ourselves. 

Worship our Earth, the creation. It is our home. 

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