Utter Confusion

Here comes another mental illness related post, and I am sorry, I didn’t mean for this journal to become like this but it sort of has as that’s what’s on my mind at the moment…

I don’t know if others feel the same way but, it angers me that people who don’t suffer with mental illnesses don’t understand the daily battles we face and how challenging even the simplest thing can be… I recently posted on Facebook comparing the treatment of mental illnesses in society to how physical illnesses are viewed, the post received a fair amount of attention and likes because for many of my “friends” this was the first time they heard about my problems. People seemed so supportive and so I decided to post more things alerting those lucky people who don’t suffer to how awful it can be to bear the heavy weight of mental illness in day-to-day life, however this was surprisingly met with negativity! People thought I was “seeking attention and sympathy”, which is firstly an utterly disgusting thought and secondly completely false. All I sought to do was educate people and hopefully help them treat others in a more gentle way as you never know the demons that someone is dealing with when you speak to them.

I don’t understand how people expect us to behave, when we pluck up a huge amount of courage to reveal what we’re battling daily in order to live a “normal life” and function properly we are applauded at our “bravery”, yet when we want to advertise aiding people with mental health and breaking the stigmas, or even point out that we’re struggling a little more than usual, people instantly aren’t interested and even have the audacity to claim that we are attention seeking. Even more shockingly a few weeks later I uploaded an Instagram photo about mental health and that I suffer fairly severely, people saw this as me taking advantage of my problems in order to gain “special treatment” and wanting attention, when in fact I’d had an awful day and had no one to turn to to talk to so expressed myself on Instagram as a picture expressed my feelings far better than anything I could counjour up!

People need to wake up. Mental illness doesn’t just go away the next day after you’ve told people you struggle with it! It’s a daily battle and we really need the help and support of our friends, if we try to talk to you about our problems it because we trust you and hope you can aid us or at least listen and give us a hug. It can be hard to know what to say to someone who is struggling but we really just need to know we have people who care and support us, we do not need negativity when all we’re trying to do is explain how we feel to educate those around us.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog…
    I’m sorry that the responses you were given was not well received. I find human instinct and attention only goes so far, which is unfortunate if you happen to be a sensitive soul, which it seems that YOU are.

    Can I share a silly secret with you? YOU, yes YOU own a piece of this world and don’t ever let anybody make YOU feel that you don’t. How and WHAT you feel isn’t a mistake. The hardest lesson for me to learn was that sometimes to save myself and my bleeding heart, I have to ignore… even the ones I love. You deserve more respect than what you were given, I hope that you let your light shine.

    Tomorrow is a new day. Don’t look back.

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