Video Chats Begin

Day 0.5, I am now in Manila, it took eight hours and 30 mins to get from the province to the capital city. I kept waking up at the car to look for clues where we were so that I could relay this information to my girlfriend who wouldn’t stop worrying. I miss her, I wish she could’ve come with me to the US, I don’t really want to study anymore, but after a few months, I will come back to be with her and finish my studies. We did a video call over the internet earlier, oh how I love that beautiful girl, if only I could reach out and touch her soft skin, I wouldn’t be hurting like this. But I have to go, My mom has been working hard for me,  she presents me with so much opportunities, I can’t let her down, I love her too.  Tomorrow is my flight and everything seems to be ready.

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