Am I stupid or what?

So today I went out with my cousin, brother and friend. We met up with that guy I like and went downtown with his car.

It was all weird and hurtful the first hour. He looked like ignoring me, and it hurt like hell. Am I stupid? Is it me the problem? He surely plays with everyone’s hair. And I got shot. I actually thought it meant something, but it obviously didn’t to him.

We broke the tension a few minutes later and we laughed, played, joked and everything. We then went back home and laughed even harder, playing guitar and singing our hearts out like fools.

But, again, he left without even greeting me. Or, well, just a “bye”. No kiss, no handshake (would I really want an handshake though?). I then texted him and the conversation went weird. When we’re together it just feels perfect, I get lost into the sound of his laugh and everything he does. I know he’s not perfect though, he really isn’t. He’s a dumbass.

I’m crushing over a dumbass.


Now I don’t know when I’ll see him again and it hurts like hell. Again.

Screw this shit. I hate love.

One thought on “Am I stupid or what?”

  1. I often found myself going for a wrong women. I guess love, feelings and relationships are more complicated than I thought 😉

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