Cheap wine, yesterday’s pizza, and music!

The title says it all. Today has been nothing but a slouch day. I woke up with my boyfriend but he had to work so I spent the whole day alone, just laying around. I tried watching some TV but couldn’t find anything that really drew me in. So after about three hours of flipping from show to show I finally turned it off and put on something that never fails.. music. Erykah Badu to be specific. Warmed up a few slices of last night’s pizza, poured myself some Oak Leaf Chardonnay and let the music set the mood for the night. 

But anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Natasha, I’m 21 and just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. I have always loved writing and up until 10th grade I would always write in my journal every night before bed. After putting it off for literally YEARS I have finally decided to make this online journal and would like to share a bit of my life on here with all of you. I’m going to try to fall back into my old routine of writing something everyday, even if it is something as short as a sentence or two. 

By nature, I’m a very talkative person. I love writing (in journals specifically) because I am able to get all of my thoughts out in the way I want them without any interruptions. The majority of my post will be totally random, but there are a few topics that I’d like to bring up and discuss on here also. I haven’t figured the site out completely yet so i’m not sure if I can receive feedback or not; but if it is possible than I would love to hear back from you all and would be happy to write about a subject you’re interested in hearing about. So yeah, I’m really excited about starting this journal and I hope that you all are just as excited to read my entries. 

                                                                                                     With Love, 

                                         Natasha <3

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