People cant leave relashion ships alone

ok So I have to put this out there.

My Boyfriend and I have been together for 6months now. And we have known each other when i was in 9th grade. I graduated in “09”. So he is my best friend and the love of my life. We tell each other  everything and we both have each others cell phone password. When we got together i knew he had a 3yr old that just turned 4 this year. but then he told me he has a maybe baby which was fine. he was talking to his maybe baby momma for the first 2months we where dating. It was ok. Then all of a sudden she deleted her texfree app and stop talking to him. (She does have a cell phone and it does work but she does not want him to have the number) So he just ignored it. Then out of the blue She Started texting him (around 12/20/15). Which was ok. but then she wanted help with dippers, baby butt cream, socks, ext. So he helped a little. then all of a sudden she wants to talk crap about me. FYI I am 166lb. and my boyfriends best friend told me not to worry because she has 300lb or more on me and he will never go back to her. Then she text him that “She does not think i am good enough for him or her son” he did not reply and he got mad. #1 He broke up with her. #2 he did say he was not going back to her. #3 You cant not tell him who he can and can not date. #4 You are his EX for a reason. #5 HE IS WITH ME NOW SO SHE NEEDS TO BACK DOWN. Then out of the blue she starts lieingto him about me calling her and texting her or facebooking her. The point is she need to stop making storrys up to get him back. because it is not going to happen. He USTED to love you. But the key word in that is UST TO. And I WOULD NEVER LIE TO PEOPLE TO GET WHAT I WANT NO MATTER HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM OR WANT THEM BACK. All i am saying is that she better nock it off or n=my Boyfriend will never talk to her again. and he even said thatr. well that’s it for now. my hunny is her. good night all

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