The beauty in this world

I want to write about the beauty in this world.

The world is a beautiful place, full of different experinces that can change a person within a number of seconds. This world can altar and destroy a person’s perspective on anything as well as influence creative thoughts and ideas, big enough to invent the next “big thing”. Many people interpret the world’s beauty in different ways, as everyone thinks differently. This could of course be as simple as a flower, the path to a goal set at a young age, a sacred memory, a place, a twisted fantasy or a person.

I can say for myself that the beauty in this world for me, much like everyone else, is in fact all these things, including the twisted fantasies.

However, there is one beauty in this world that belongs to me and only me and will always only belong to me.

Let me write about the beauty that is Hunter Grey.

He is my beauty in this world, he is my light, my life, my heart and my soul. He is everything.

Let me write about how he makes me feel like a new woman every time he touches me.

Let me write about the beautiful mistakes he makes;

how he looks in the morning;

the way his jaw clenches when his angry;

the way he looks at me as if I’m the only light he’s ever seen.

Let me write about the beauty that is Hunter Grey.

The real him. Not the preppy suave guy i once wrote about. No. I want to write about the flawed, messed up, anger driven man i have so hopelessly fallen in love with. 


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