What the hell happened to girl code??

Dear Journal,

When did I become such a bitch? I used to date Tristen who I thought I loved, even though I liked Jayden at the time, who was dating my best friend. The night he told me he liked me he asked her out, while I was dating Tristen. I told him I liked him back. She said yes. I was sad. A few weeks later I broke up with Tristen, taking him back that night. A couple weeks after that we broke up again, this time me not regretting it. We are still broken up, but a week or so after we broke up so did Jayden and my friend. Two days after that he asked me out. While knowing he was kinda a man whore I said yes. My friend then told me she had a boyfriend, she told me this the day after my birthday which was two days after Jayden asked me out. She also said she got her boyfriend on my birthday but didn’t want to tell me till now. I’m sorry friend for realizing how big of a bitch I was, because now your dating Tristen and I feel like shit. He was my first boyfriend and I hate you for this, but you can’t know. You can’t know because I did it to you first. But I’ve liked jayden since forever and you knew. You never said anything about liking my ex and suddenly you start dating on my birthday. Jayden wasn’t your first love, to be honest I don’t think our live was ever real for him. I know I did it first, but I still hate you. I have to put on a show, you can’t know I’m mad because you will say I did it first. I did. But you did it worse. I hate hating you. I don’t want to. Your notad I’m dating him. Your upset I said yes. Well I said yes and apparently so did you. Now tristens saying he only liked me for a couple weeks, out of the 2 and a half months we dated. But when I broke up with YOU you came crawling back. Friend, you dated jayden for a month. Tristen and I had almost 3 months. Bitch, I want so hard to tell you how I feel, but I don’t have the right. So I’m sorry but I Hate you, I did it to you but even though you were hurt you did it back. I can put on a show but behind the curtains I hate you. And it hurts to hate you. Dear Kaytlin, I hate you bitch have fun rotting in hell. I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you… Sincerely, your Bitchy friend me.



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