Discovering DESTINY: 1st Entry

Hi everyone! 

My name is Destiny and i’m a 21 year old college student. I enjoy art, books, coffee, music (mostly classical and Broadway but I also listen to a bit of everything) and writing. I have a crazy, probably not very healthy, obsession with anything and everything New York. 

To be honest i’m a bit nervous about keeping an online journal, I’ve never been good with writing or communicating my feelings but I felt like it was time to get some things off my shoulders, even if no one reads this. I’m not sure if this will be available for people to read and comment back but if so feel free to do so. 

You see I’ve become so good at lying about how I truly feel, that I sometimes buy into my own lies, when in reality the truth is far from it. I’ve lied so well I have lost who I am, who Destiny really is. Does anyone else have this issue?

I guess I just really needed a place where I could feel safe just being me. A place to express how I truly feel, a place where I don’t have to hide or lie, a place where I can just be me. Who ever that may be. I’m hoping this blog will become a sort of safe haven for me, a place where I can vent, relax, and learn who I truly am. 

Life moves to fast and and it’s about time I stop dwelling in it and start living it. 

Until next time, 

Destiny 🙂 

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