Fixing my up my college trouble

Procrastination and Laziness are the reasons why I fail my courses. They are my enemies and I should be the conquer’er of them. I certainly did not do well in the last 2 semesters of my freshman year. I’m certainly not messing the the third one for this coming year of 2016. I will be changing for the best. I have to wake up and do the hard work, and I mean hard work! no more procrastination, no more laziness. It’s time to do the effort in the best time possible. I have to develop a good study habit and hopefully keep the passion of doing it throughout the whole semester or even for the rest of the semesters of my entire life. Hopefully I won’t drop that passion like how I often do with school work.

This year is going to be different! And it will be a good kind of difference! I will be successful, I promise my self that. Better not make any more disappointments for others and myself! I will do this! No more discouragements! Just continuous effort no matter how hopeless it feels, the best option is to keep going

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