Goddess with coffee

I am an awakened, spirituality conscious individual. I am aware that my energy connects to every every other life force on this planet. It is all connected. We are all connect and tapped into the very core of the Earth. The elements are a key source of power. Intention is a stronger force of will than one might expect.

The key to life is simple. Live your life. Live it the way you want too. I interpret that to mean enjoy each day that I have life. Live to the fullest. Both sentiments are not always possible. I’d rather make the most of each day which various bumps and obstacles included. 

Love yourself. Your life is for you so give it meaningful value. Sure, you can love others too. But you can not truly love anyone else until you love yourself for all that you AND all that you are not. Make peace with the fact that you are not perfect. No one is, so we must learn out short comings are perfectly acceptable. Embrace your flaws. I find it a good philosophy to strive to be perfect and accept what is actuality.

In the thick of all your relationships, do not have expectations. Always act with that logic in your mind. If you work hard, give selflessly in the hopes of receiving praise, acknowledgement, or anything in return you will be disappointed. Act for yourself instead. Everything else will fall into place.

If you are in a negative mind set you should change your thinking. The only thing you have true control over in this world is yourself.  Think and act with this in mind.

The human mind is amazing and we only use a small percentage of it. Awaken and the possibilities will become endless.

Remember the 7 chakras. Open them all. Work to undo the blocks. In a future blog I will go deeper into this.

Have a beautiful day. Love yourself. Love the world around you.

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