My adhd mind

I hate being a flake. The list of things I want to accomplish is massive. What I ACTUALLY manage to do is fairly meager.

For example my adhd can run rampant if I’m not actively attempting to keep it in check. Most of the time I can… unless I’m around another high energy person. So far at the new job I’ve managed to stay on task and focus… tonight however, I got distracted.  Its my own damn fault. I’m well aware of my tendencies.  It just sucks to have to actively shut my crazy switch off so I can function like a semi-normal human.

Oh but there’s medication I can take for it! Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather reach deep inside of me to train myself to concentrate, alleviate pain, and so on. I don’t like taking pills to solve a problem.  To me, that is the essence of dependency.

My plan was to get my emt training and pass the certification exams. I really feel this field of work would be the best way for me to utilize my body as well as my mind. Orginally the plan was for me to concentrate on this alone.

Did it happen? Am I signed up for a single course? No. I’m not. I do have a new job though and income. Its not like I’ve been idle with me time. I do need to buckle down though and speak to the admissions department so I can at least be on the right path.

In parting I’ll say this: The new year is almost here.  2016 will be dedicated towards furthering my future: body, mind, and soul. I’m getting depressed thinking about my future crack down on soda. Good bye Mountain Dew. I’ll miss you.

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