I hate everything about it.  I was on my Facebook earlier, just scrolling through, and I seen a picture, and I clicked on the comments, and the picture I attached was what I saw. I was so angry.  I am no way, racist. I love and hate all the same.  If you are silly, it’s not because of your skin color, or your ethnic back ground, its because you are silly. Same as being smart, stupid, idiotic, ect. ect. 


I hate bringing this subject up because its so touchy, but why is it okay for “fair skinned” people to be judge?  Its never okay. Not for anyone. There aren’t any excuses, but its not okay for anyone to be judged for the color of their skin.  My biggest argument is, don’t play the victim, if your also the culprit.

One thought on “Racism”

  1. hi I agree I dislike racism I like all people no matter the skin tone tall short big or skinny
    I always go by the personality if they can get me to laff from a small joke ok your kool
    I always tell a joke to get people to laugh like the other day I used a pickup line and made it into a joke a dumb one but she laughed I asked aren’t you that chick dating that college guy? she replied no I said well you wanna be that’s what I look for a sense of humour and personality

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