Secret Me-Day.

I’ve been feeling the need to take a solo day trip for some time now. I’d been thinking about it, but with the holidays, I thought, “Nah. Better not.”

It may be crappy of me, but I’ve canceled on two people today. Last night I hung out with Ashley…Don’t get me wrong, I like Ashley. She’s one of my best friends and I enjoy hanging out with her…in small doses. Anyway, we were chilling, and I let it slip that I was thinking of going to “Beachtown” tomorrow. She immediately invites herself and warps my plans. She told me that we should be up at 9, and be home by around lunch…Since Beachtown is an hour away, that would have only given us about an hour to do anything. 

Then there’s Blake….I promised him I would see him sometime during my day off. But honestly, things are strange between me and him right now. We used to be all over each other, but now I’m just not sure. And besides, it’s always so boring when I’m with him…He becomes immersed in his video games and I just sit there pretending to be occupied with my phone. I told him my Beachtown plans with Ashley and he goes “Forget her, I’ll go with you!”

So, I told them both that I got my period, that I’m a bloated, hormonal mess and I’m in a lot of pain and that I’m not going. 

Yeah, I lied. But I mean, I really just wanted to go by myself. But I’m not going to feel too bad about it. I’m about to put on my makeup, slip into my favorite dress and combat boots, and I’m going to get a cold beverage and put on some good music, and I’m going to go to Beachtown and have a good time by myself. I’m going to spend about an hour in Books-a-million, get lost in Michael’s, hit up a few thrift stores. I’m going to treat myself to a nice lunch, and I might even go to the pier.

I work my ass off. I deserve it. 

2 thoughts on “Secret Me-Day.”

  1. I needed a me day infact ill tell you I work construction my exgirlfreind just slept all the time I come home cook clean laundry and nevr had time to myself she blames it her bipolar but I told her u need to leave 5 years is enough you wont change and cant change we broke up around thanxgiving and haven’t heard from her since so yes a me day is well worth it

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