Addicted to Coffee

Being addicted to Coffee isn’t really all that bad. There’s all kinds of coffee but the ones that I drink the most are dark black hot coffee and ice caramel coffee. So lets list all the kinds of coffee that’s out there:



Caffe Latte


The list just goes on and on. Sometimes on my days off of work, I will grab an ice caramel coffee drink and it make last during the day. Then after we eat and when it gets dark I’ll make some dark black hot coffee with 2 spoon full of sugar. I just do not know why but I am very addicted to coffee. My Husband will pick on me about it but he makes me laugh when he does, saying I drink way too much. Who else is a coffee lover? Sometimes I wish if I had some girlfriends that we would go grab a cup of coffee at a coffee shop and hang out. Though with our paychecks being a bit short, we don’t go out that much. Trying to save as much money as we possibly can. I also collect coffee cups. I found a really cute one at the Family Dollar store for $1. You can’t beat that price.

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