Have you ever had one big question mark about what you really want for life?
Have you figured it out?
People will simply say “I want happiness”. Then how to get it?
Many of them just don’t realize what they really need in order to be happy.
Money? Career? Marriage? Children?

Well you’re not alone. I’ve been there. =]
I know what makes me happy, for sure. 
I know my life didn’t go as i wanted it to be. I took different path. But i believe that any path you take, will give you new chances. I don’t want to think about regret. I am happy for what i have, today.

My parents didn’t allow me to be a chef so they pushed me to get BEc
You have no idea how much i HATE economics! Accounting somemore! Ewww~
They wasn’t agree when i resigned from Banking field and chose to work in F&B industry.

But you know? If you have figured out what makes you happy and alive, GO for it!
I missed the chance to be a chef. But now i’m working in one of the biggest fast food restaurant in Indonesia, with promising career path. ^^

Well I feel happiness, peace, and love while baking. And also i want many things in life.
Like a rollercoaster, i could change my mind in very short time!
But there’s only ONE thing will never gone. It will haunt you, in a year or anytime. We can call it as passion.

The good thing about this path, I found new people that i really like until i keep thanking God for putting them in my life… I made besties with 2 guys. I have sweet Scorpion guy as my lover (finally! LOL). I got my boss as a good mentor.

I can find happiness in love, passion, friendship, food, and travel.
Gracias a Dios! ^^

How about you?

One thought on “Happiness”

  1. my means of happiness is to be with someon for me and not for what I have and don’t have
    I think if I find a good women I can wake up happy everyday

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