I can list the reason Why?

I can list the reason why not and that list would be long. Oh so long. But instead I want to harp on the reason why.  I need to train my mind to turn the whole situation around.  It should be you say why not and be excited about the reason why.  That is my number one reason on my why not list.  You don’t apprechaite  me.  You can’t see how special I am.  How big of a heart I have and if I was treated right I would of giving you the world.  I am smart, funny, and very determined.  I have a whole list of things that you never even thought to open your eyes to see.  I believed in you when no one else could.  Now I see you were a waste of time.  I kept telling myself how great you are but with every minute passing I am seeing the opposite.  Strangely I am trying to hold on to the friendship because I am kidding myself of the bond we share.  But as I hear things that slip out of your mouth I am thinking it is a one way bond and the glue is drying out and soon will not hold anymore.  I am changing my life.  I am changing me.  I won’t be surprised if one of those things end up being you.

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