What do you think about when someone says love? Is it your favorite food, item of clothing, the one you say you love, etc.. It seems like an easy enough question, but if it was that easy then why do all of us have so many different versions of the word? Kind of like when we are asked what is the meaning of life.. No one really knows we just assume it’s something good, something that we are all meant to be doing..  But back to my original question. I personally think love is when it hurts! Not as bad as it sounds I promise, but it does make sense doesn’t it? It hurts when you aren’t with them, It hurts when you are with them because you don’t ever know what’s going to happen next, It hurts when you fight, It hurts when you’re laying next to them, you get my point by now! The one you love is the one who makes you happy, sad, joyful, etc.. And to me that’s what makes the meaning of love hurt to me. Because someone else comes into your life and all of a sudden everything else before them doesn’t make sense.. They help contribute to how you’re feeling.. it isn’t just you anymore it’s the both of you. That’s the hurtful part.. That to me is love. As for the meaning of the world.. That’s something you don’t figure out until it’s too late. 

One thought on “Love.”

  1. I agree love is painful but yet we ask our self is he or she gonna brake my heart if so maybe I should leave now. when your not together you often worry about what are they doing are they mad? see love does hurt all around but have you ever fell inlove with someone that dosent realize it I often think of her and it hurts cause I gave her my number and never got hers.

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